Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Social Media Buzz: A Word-of-Mouth Portal

Intertwined in our nature is this inherent need to share. We need to talk to people about the weather, what we had for breakfast, and what we did over the weekend.

Now, the main goal of a social media marketer is to capitalize on this irresistible urge to talk. We hope to harvest brands that are resonant enough to talk about, then convince our customers to chatter away.

First of all, the buzz generates great brand recognition . More importantly though, you can spend millions on traditional advertising but no matter who you are, consumers trust what their friends say about your brand, more than what you say about your brand. When a customer talks positively about your product on Facebook, they tell 500+ friends that buying from you is a sound decision.

As soon as your brand harnesses the power of sharing, you are able to showcase your best characteristics to the entire world. Here are The Art of Glow's best posts on promoting social media buzz:
  1. Making Customers and Supporters Proud to Share Your Brand
  2. Creating Funny and Interesting Experiences that Translate Into Good Stories
  3. Using Tangible Rewards and Incentives to Promote Word-of-Mouth
  4. Making it Easy for Brand Advocates to Share

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